Morocco is located in the north-west of Africa and is an incredibly varied country with snow covered mountains, oases, deserts and mile long beaches , in addition to this comes a whole lot of world class waves that together with a vibrant culture, low prices and great weather makes this an awesome getaway. You’ll find many great waves in walking distance of Mirleft , along with many virgin beaches and places you can check out the local vibe. This is a country that will surely impress you.

Mirleft is a rural municipality in the province of Sidi Ifni, in the administrative region of Guelmim-Oued Noun, located in southern Morocco 130 km from Agadir, between the towns of Tiznit and Sidi Ifni, it meets the mountain range of the Anti-Atlas and the Atlantic Ocean. This geological phenomenon has created high cliffs plunging into the ocean, a multitude of wadis that form small beaches at each mouth, and a hinterland formed by large hills populated with cactus , palm trees and argan trees.

Unlike its neighbour Tiznit, the Atlantic Ocean softens, at Mirleft, the differences in temperature between day and night, between winter and summer. On the hottest days, it rarely exceeds 35 ° while the temperature reaches 45 ° -50 ° in Tiznit. In fact, its location between Atlas and the ocean gives it a mild, temperate and constant climate (average of 25 ° C and 360 days of sunshine bad years).